Beyond the Boardroom has a proven track record helping individuals and organizations to make smooth career transitions.

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Beyond the Boardroom has worked with new mothers returning to work for over 10 years through a partnership with My Family Care, based in the UK. Increasingly, companies are beginning to realize the importance of supporting their employees with their challenges returning to work after becoming parents. Read more about our work with new parents and My Family Care here > - 20 tips for work life balance

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Ferne Traeger has been an integral part of crucial decision-making in my career, from negotiating a flexible role after having a child, to transitioning to a new career entirely.  Ferne is supportive, sensitive, available and incredibly shrewd.  She asks the tough questions that you need to be asking yourself but may not be.  She notes when you are too hard on yourself, but also when you are causing self-inflicted wounds through passivity, poor communication or fear.  Ferne understands that one needs a thick skin in the law and finance world to advance.  She is a great listener whose astute advice will give you greater self-awareness to navigate the complex web of high-pressure careers and family needs.  In sum, Ferne is dedicated to helping you make critical decisions to make work and family a more sustainable scenario, even in the most difficult circumstances.   
-  Advanced Associate, top-tier law firm
Ferne was brought in to help us through some personnel and managerial disputes. She took great care at the outset to get a solid level of understanding, and by doing so, was able to provide valuable insights that opened some eyes and lead to a successful resolution. Particularly appreciated is the fact that even after the assignment was over, Ferne followed up to assure all continued to operate smoothly. 
- Annette Minkalis, Public Service Campaign Strategist
Ferne is an inspired and inspiring coach/consultant. She is very well trained and extremely well suited to help people.
- Claudia Oberweger

"Her passion is contagious."    
- A management consultant and coachee

Ferne’s valuable knowledge of finance combined with her great common sense and sensitivity were invaluable to the clinic’s board of directors over the past years. Ferne is a terrific team player and independent thinker, a great combination.
- Management coachee

"In just four meetings with Ferne over a course of a few months, I was able to crystallize my "on-ramp" strategy. Ferne helped me hone in the key drivers that would shape what my new work world might look like, and provided many good ideas and sources along the way. But most importantly, she got me "unstuck" by helping me reframe my thinking so I could approach my next move as a single step, rather than as an irrevocable lifetime decision. After I changed my thinking, my plans fell into place and I was able to move  forward on my journey."
- Former product manager and current mother of two

"Ferne is a patient, empathic and knowledgeable career coach. She has provided much needed guidance and perspective, and she truly seems to care about my professional development. I would recommend her to anyone in the midst of a career transition; juggling parent + working; or simply having a difficult time navigating office politics and management expectations."                      -Coachee, top-tier law firm   

Ferne was a wonderful coach and extremely kind. She was non-judgmental, gave great advice, and was easy to talk to about my fears and concerns revolving around my maternity leave.
- Coachee at a global specialist recruitment agency